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The name given to someone who is an awesome actor and doesn't sell-out to make crappy blockbusters made by Spielberg like the fag Tom Cruise.
It is my name!!!!!!

Dude! You're totally a Daniel Day-Lewis!
by Pablo90 October 27, 2008
Someone saying "PIN number" despite the fact that the "N" stands for number. One who points this error out has just pinwned the offender.
PIN number? The N stands for number! Idiot! You just got pinwned!
by Pablo90 October 25, 2008
An online game in which you are a virtual citizen in the 'eWorld'. The idea sounds good but the game is rather crap. The only reason why people play it is to win back eAustralia from the evil eIndonesians. URL- www.erepublik.com
Man, this erepublik game blows!
by Pablo90 October 28, 2008
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