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A girls who appears to have a decent looking rack, but when she takes off her top they're actually droopy, shapeless, flacid and feel like bags of sand.
That chick had total sandbag boobs man, I made her put her top back on.

She had sandbag boobs, I totally lost my horn.

Don't go there man, she's got sandbag boobs.
by Pablo Smashitini October 20, 2009
To indulge in copious amounts of drinking for at least a 2 day period, ruthless banter that is completely inappropriate and spoken extremely loud around strangers.
We're totally gonna smash it in tonight dude, it's gonna get messy.
Let's smash it in bitches.
Dude we totally smashed it in last night, it was awesome!
by Pablo Smashitini October 20, 2009
A smasherteer is someone who has all the qualities needed to smash it in, such as the ability to talk absolute shite all night long, to drink anything that is put in front of them, being absolutely ruthless with the opposite sex and convincing them everything you say is true.
Fuck, you drank 4 hot Dostavs, 6 Avi's lovers and 9 Smash it ins last night, awesome smasherteering!

I convinced this chick I was in AV Da Jiu Bao!

I think those chicks got a little freaked out when we started talking about having sex with a clone of yourself.
by Pablo Smashitini October 20, 2009
The task of shagging a girl from as many different countries as possible, ideally all of them! 1 point for 1 country, doing them in their own country counts as 2 points, 3 points if they don't speak the same language. Paying for it doesn't count
I had an awesome summer backpacking, I managed to cross all of Europe off the Round the World Challenge.

North America is the easiest place on the Round the World Challenge, next on my list is South America
by Pablo Smashitini October 20, 2009
The act of riding a girl who already has a boyfriend, but shags you anyways. Purposefully getting a girl drunk who has a boyfriend for the purpose getting her into bed. Doing a chick who has boyfriend and says she loves him, for the purpose of proving she's a no good ho and giving hope to everyone who gives up when they're told "I've got a boyfriend"
That hot chick has a jockey, but I'm gonna get her wasted and steal her off him.

She's been complaining about her jockey all night, saying things aren't good, I can totally jockey steal her later.

She says she has a long term serious boyfriend, but I reckon she'll still put out.

Man, you've given hope to eveyone by jockey stealing that bird last night.
by Pablo Smashitini October 20, 2009

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