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5 definitions by Pablo Picasso

eastern Armenian way of saying dude
ara, es ov a?! = Dude, who is this?!
by Pablo Picasso June 29, 2003
a fine latina ass
damn homez! look at the nalga on that chica!
by Pablo Picasso June 29, 2003
a fake gangsta whos has never achieved "gangsterish" acheivements; wanna be gangsta.
See "Chris Wise"
by pablo picasso January 08, 2004
When a fat chick turns into pamela anderson
I was rockin a gonge one time and this fat camp looked like a supermodel camp That was the day that i got my biggest boner.
by pablo picasso November 14, 2004
A virus intended for macintosh computers
They made a windows version of theat virus, and some dumbass decided to make a mac version.
by Pablo Picasso April 01, 2005