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Reference to Al Capone, famous Chicago gangster. If you're "straight up capone" you're a true gangsta out there on the streets, not one to be fucked with.
"You're straight up capone"
by Pablo Escobar September 04, 2004
One of the many slang words for the arsehole, derived from the popular childrens' breakfast cereal of the same name (which happens to come in the form of chocolate cereal hoops). This noun can also form compounds and other expressions as follows:

Frosted Weeto (noun): when you end up with cum around the arsehole after anal sex.
Bust a Weeto (verb): to have anal sex with someone for the first time (Note: implies male rape rather than consensual sex).
Weeto Buster (noun): anal rapist.
Crunch a Weeto (verb): to give a rimjob.
"Dude, that's a gay bar, you might get your weeto busted or something if you go in there!"
by Pablo Escobar January 06, 2004
Better than Emril, faster than the Iron Chef!
BlinkyTheCook is better than Emril and the Iron Chef.
by Pablo Escobar August 19, 2003
Noun. A slang word used to describe a really fat ugly bitch. The word is derived from the from the measurement of a standard kitchen unit, which is 60cm wide/deep (dishwasher, washing machine, tumble drier etc all conform to these standard dimensions).

Correct timing and pronunciation is crucial to the effect of this word. It is best shouted loudly after walking past a really fat minger in the street, with particular emphasis on the first syllable.
Pablo: "Did you see that woman?"
Jaimie: "No?"
Pablo: "UUUUUNIT!!!"
by Pablo Escobar January 06, 2004
to fondle with a member of the fairer sex, to touch her tits or fanny
I ulled a slut last night I didnt shag her just let her tamper with my cock
by Pablo Escobar January 11, 2004
Capital of the isle of skye, Shit pubs ugly women (but hey they are sluts), no night life, people so backwards they drive in reverse, and dominated by Church going fuckers. It rains 11 months a year the rest of the time it snows, why would anyone want to live there?
I'd rather kill myself than live in Portree. / its impossible to find a virgin in portree
by Pablo Escobar January 11, 2004
When trying to perform a stunt on a snowboard/skateboard when you fail and smash your balls.
Man, jimmy tried to do a mctwist, and ended up doing a hotdog.
by pablo escobar November 26, 2003

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