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Insulting term coined by David W, in which refers to the action of being Jewish. To put on yamakkah. Can also be said as "cap yourself".
David Lawrence, put a cap on you Jew. Seriously, why are you such a J-O-O?
by Pablo November 22, 2004
GreenDayNFG4182 is the epitome of asscheese-dom.
by Pablo February 25, 2003
1. matt bower
2. a homosexual
3. ass pirate
Dont punch donuts you donut puncher
by pablo March 08, 2003
A gay guys son. a gay guy who gives birth to a son.
son: Daddy where did i come from
dad: Well some guy did me up the ass and out came a lil shit, which was you son!
by pablo March 17, 2003
the ass munch who sticks his jimmy stick up his butt hole
by pablo February 13, 2003
One cut of meat from the "Plate" part of the cow. Often called carne asada. Never from any animal besides the cow.
I bought some fajita, grilled it and ate it in a tortilla.
by Pablo November 13, 2003
Jove can be used as both a noun and a verb. To jove someone is to utter some unwanted information, such as an insult or a joke. To refer to someone as a jove is to basically call them a foo, but in much harsher terms.
Is your name Jove?
Are you joving me?
by Pablo March 27, 2005

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