44 definitions by Pablo

Means my wicked stuff or don't dis me
It comes from the word nasty and good is doogs spelled backwards
Don't dis my nastacious doogs diiick
by pablo September 27, 2004
a drunk that sees the beauty in dog shit
cock, but not cock, cock
by pablo September 22, 2003
The most lovely girl ever. She looks for every way to please you and adore you. She is generous to a fault.
by Pablo February 07, 2003
a step up from rediculous, take out the dick and put in the cock.
My teacher is recockulous!
by Pablo January 22, 2003
A cool dude!
Dusty is a cool dude.
by pablo June 29, 2004
The most cool dude in the f**king world
m00c0w is a crazy dude
by pablo August 25, 2004
someone who can't back up their actions.
See Derrick Cheung
Derrick a.k.a. Street Bitch: Hey nigger!!
Black person: What you say bitch???(Starts to chase street bitch)
Derrick: I'M SORRY! NOOOOO!!!(runs away)
by Pablo January 23, 2005

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