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To score one point by footing in Observed Moto Trials.
The rider did a Dab in that section.
by PA December 09, 2004
cool guy- Someone from Pakistan who is cool
You remind me of a Rohail I once knew...
by Pa July 23, 2004
Varied, used when you cannot pronounce something.

From 2sense, and 2 the Ranting Gryphon. www.ranting-gryphon.com
In...Uh....Schliegenhaufen, New York.

by pA February 12, 2005
a large Norwegian
1. What a foogras it is to calm down a fuirt.

2. After drinking a large amount of alcohol, my boyfriend was naughty like a fuirt.
by PA January 20, 2004
Really good mairjuana typically grown by hydroponic methods.
Thats some dank weed.
by PA September 30, 2003
A dark sticky substance made from marijuana that is very potent and is ment for smoking.
Thats some good hash.
by PA September 30, 2003
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