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when a girl farts while having sex.
"Dude, she gave me a warm stinky last night. I almost coughed up a lung from how bad it was."
by P_tothe_J March 03, 2011
a term given to a one-night-stand who will just not leave your place the next morning even after giving them the signal it is time for them to go. A camper typically stays for an hour or more. There are 5 stages of campers and each stage gets worse.

Note to editor: I just submitted a definition with all the stages, but saw that shorter may be better. But of course, do whatever you like with both entries.
"Dude. She was definitely a stage 5 camper. After staying at my place for 3 hours after we woke up, she still would not leave. She checked her facebook on my computer, ate MY food, and even asked to start a movie. Seriously bro, I can't handle campers."
by P_tothe_J March 03, 2011
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