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A washed-up pop punk band that has captivated and fascinated millions of 14 year old "non-conformist" punk rockers. The lead singer can be compared to the revving up of an old '60 chevy, and the lyrics usually have something to do with "the man" controlling your life, americans being arrogant, a Blvd. of broken dreams or some trash like that, or some other cliche punk rock theme. Many 14 year old "hardcore" green day fans pride themselves on dying their hair blue, and painting their nails so they are not conforming to the norms of society, when really they are just conforming to all of the other 14 year old pop/punk fanatics.
Green day hates how the media mind controls stupid 14 year olds, when really they are just sell-out hypocrits who think that punk isn't dead.
by Punk is Dead March 30, 2005

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