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A complete desolation that will cover the United States should our nation be stupid enough to elect Barack Obama as our president. syn: abomination
You're thinking of voting for Obama? You've been drinking the kool-aid? Man, that's an obamanation! We're screwed!
by PUMA Dave July 10, 2008
Former governor of Vermont, current head of the Democratic National Committee, total scumbag who sold out the Democratic Party to lead the selection, not election, of Sen. Broke Bammalammadingdong instead of Sen. Hillary Clinton, who won more votes.
Did you see that scumbag Howard Dean kissing Bammalammadingdong's ass? Damn! I'm glad I'm a PUMA!
by PUMA Dave July 10, 2008
one who uses another words as his or her own, failing to acknowledge the source...like Barack Obama did when her lifted phrases word for word from speeches given by Mass. Gov. Patrick Duval.

Plagiarists should not be presidents.
That plagiarist Barack Obama is about as useful as a set of tits on a boar hog.
by PUMA Dave July 10, 2008
Dude! Did you see that sour puss Michele Obama? To look like that, I'd have to bite into four lemons with no tequila.
by PUMA Dave July 10, 2008
"Party Unity, My Ass", or more nicely, "People United Means Action". PUMAs are the disenfranchised Democrats who refused to follow the direction of the Democratic National Committee in their selection of Barack Obama as the illegitimate nominee for president. Obama supporters point out that he got more delegates. So do the dictators, aka Howard Dean}, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. A few facts should be considered, though. 1--Obama outspent Sen. Hillary Clinton by a ratio of 4:1 from March-June 2008. 2--Clinton garnered more than 600,000 more votes than Obama during that period. 3--Clinton won more votes in both Texas and Nevada, yet Obama was given more delegates. 4--During the March-June period, the so-called Democratic leadership continued to call for Clinton to drop out of the race, for the sake of "party unity." Clinton still got more votes. 5--Clinton earned more votes than any other candidate seeking nomination for the presidency in American history. 6--Despite the overwhelming support for Clinton, party "leaders" selected Obama.

Thus, PUMA. PUMA Democrats have changed party registation, have organized into "Democrats for McCain" and "Hillary write-in" efforts. PUMAs understand that, if the Democratic Party is not true to its core constituency, then it really doesn't matter if the Republicans stay in the White House. PUMA Democrats believe in principle, unlike the suck-ups to Obama, a man who has already reneged on some of his primary campaign pledges. For more info, go to www.pumaparty.com .
Screw Sen. Broke Bammalammadingdong! I'm a PUMA with principle and will either write-in Clinton or vote for McCain. Nobama! Prevent an "obamanation" from happening in America. Go PUMA!!!
by PUMA Dave July 10, 2008
Speaker of the House elected in 2006, total "c u Next Tuesday" who told the majority of Democratic voters, the ones who elected Sen. Clinton. She decided she'd rather be Sen. Broke Bammalammadingdong's beyotch.
I used to like that beyotch Nancy Pelosi Bella Legosi until that "c u Next Tuesday" sold out the party. Thank God for the PUMAs!
by PUMA Dave July 10, 2008
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