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noun: A hardcore motherfucking gangsta
pronoun: A jack diesel black motherfcuker who attends Rutgers University (don't step to this nigga)
verb: The act of being hard, the act of acting crazy, The act of doing anything that is not whack.
adjective: A word to describe something thats hot

Also, The act of crossing your index and middle fingers(on both hands), throwing them up in the air in a gangsta ass motion with a gangsta ass face on
noun: Throw up your tosins nuckas
pronoun: Yo, thats that nigga Tosin, son
1) Yo, im just tosin kid
2) Fuck outta here nigga imma tosin your punk ass
3) Yo that nigga b on that tosin shit for real
adjective: Yo that shit is tosin sonnn
by PSXy +JoeDelicious April 26, 2005
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