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Hispanics criticized by others as being arrogant. This criticism usually comes from people who are ashamed of their heritage and target Cubans to relieve their insecurities about their origins. This criticism could be stopped if the critics would remove their head from their ass long enough to be proud of and brag about their own heritage rather than focusing all of their attention on envying Cubans(this goes for everyone, not just hispanics). Many other hispanics will claim that Cubans abandon their latin brothers rather than stick together, in doing this, these hypocrites are abandoning and attacking the cubans(their latin brothers). To those who complain about the loud Cuban voice, we're only loud because we know that what we're talking about is way more interesting than the stupid shit your spewing out of your mouth and everyone else deserves to hear it too. However, this suggestion at how to stop the criticism and about the nature of the criticism directed at Cubans should not be misconstrued as a plea to stop the teasing and criticism, we Cubans are too busy admiring how awesome we are and don't really give a fuck about what you think. In closing, I have nothing against other hispanics or anyone of any race(love all you people) i hope that all reading this definition can learn to be proud of and brag about their heritage just as Cubans do, and to those who still think that Cubans are assholes, you can all line up and suck my Cuban cock :)
-Douchebag: Cubans are such arrogant pricks
-Smart guy: Maybe you should learn to be like a Cuban and stop hating yourself just cause your Honduran
-Douchebag: Dude! Don't say that i'm Honduran, somebody might hear you
by PSTAR El Qbano April 02, 2010
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