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Contrary to popular belief, it indeed DOES exist. Most women are fully capable of having orgasms if they "train" themselves to do so. Female porn-stars are mostly highly-orgasmic women because they've trained themselves to have orgasms. Most guys suck at sex and won't admit it because more than likely they have never been able to bring a woman to orgasm. Ladies, there is hope...but it comes with batteries.
Why males can't bring females to orgasm:
1) It takes more than 3 minutes for a woman to orgasm
2) They can't find the clitoris (VERY crucial)
3) Their dicks never stay hard long enough
4) They can't find the g-spot
5) They don't or suck at eating pussy
6) They're stingy with the foreplay (15 minutes or less is STINGY and also VERY crucial)

Why some females still don't have orgasms:
1) They don't have a vibrator
2) They don't (or are too afraid to) explore their own bodies
3) They're not lesbians

Signs a woman IS having/or has HAD an orgasm:
1) Incoherent speech
2) Shaking legs
3) Flushed chest & face
4) "Squirting"
5) Lip-biting
6) Falls asleep right after sex

Signs a woman is FAKING/or did NOT have an orgasm:
2) Cracks open a book right after sex
3) Bored expression or exaggerated facial expressions
4) Not moving or saying anything
5) Relieved expression when the sex is over

There you have it guys AND girls. The female orgasm DOES exist.
#sex #orgasm #female #clitoris #female orgasm
by PS, I'm Black April 20, 2008
I know that not ALL "soccer moms" are like this...So, I'm just going to define the STEREOTYPICAL "soccer mom".

A middle/lower-upperclass caucasian (9 times out of 10) female between the ages of 25-45. Known for their huge SUVs and mini-vans laden with corny bumper stickers. Very (hyper)active members in the school district (PTA, school board, etc.). Usually has at least 3 kids...blah, blah, blah. Also famous for the "sweater on shoulders tied sleeves in front" look.

But basically, a chick who still bases her life on the bullshit foundation that women were put on this earth to cook, clean, make babies, and raise babies. Their husbands are never around, because they're probably cheating, because more than likely, she's become more overweight and more unattractive with a drastically declining sex drive...But the soccer mom is to busy picking up little Rebecca and Timmy from karate class to notice.

Again, not all "soccer moms" are like this...but then, that wouldn't make them soccer mom now would it?
#soccer mom #white #white woman #soccer #mom #annoying
by PS, I'm Black April 20, 2008
The interchangeable form of "urine". Also used as an adjective and in a negtive sense.
literal noun: I'm taking a piss.
non-literal noun (very rarely used): I'm sure as piss that you're an idiot.

literal adjective: That hallway smells pissy.
non-literal adjective: I'm in a very pissy mood, so leave me alone.

literal verb: That drunk guy is pissing on himself.
non-literal verb: You're pissing me off!!
#piss #pee #urine #pissed #pissy #pissed off
by PS, I'm Black April 20, 2008
The most flexible swear word next to fuck. Can be used in a number of different ways (verb, noun, adverb, etc.). Also more acceptable to use in public and on TV than fuck, because it does not connect to sex in any way 99% of the sime. But is usually censored with it's less vulgar cousin crap, which can be used in almost every sense of shit...or it's even milder second-cousin "poop"

Also slang for feces. Any form of the word "shit" pertaining to feces is a literal form of the word. Examples of common context used found below. Check out South Park's "It Hits The Fan" for more details.
literal noun: I left shit in the toilet, so I gotta flush it.
non-literal noun: Sorry, I've got shit to do.

literal adjective: My underwear is shitty.
non-literal adjective: That movie was shitty, so don't see it.

literal expletive (sometimes): Bullshit!
non-literal expletive: Aw, shit!

literal verb: I just shitted (or shat) on myself.
non-literal verb (sometimes): Our team was shitted on in the playoffs.

There's also a piece of shit, chicken-shit, to know your shit, shit-for-brains, and the list goes on.
#shit #poop #crap #holy shit #oh shit
by PS, I'm Black April 20, 2008
1) A "race" created by one white parent and one black parent. They are instantly given a higher place in life by both races, seeing as how they combine the traits of one race that the other desires, meaning they have the "best of both worlds." They are admired for their beauty by both races (although more envied than admired by Blacks).

But it should be noted that one parent's racial traits may outnumber/dominate the other parent's traits completely, therefore making it harder to distinguish mulattos from being "just" black or "just" white. In my opinion, the 50/50 combination produces the prettiest mulatto children.

They look great, but any mulatto would tell you about their conflicts of "belonging". Even though they're pretty much their own race, most are still obligated by society to be on "one side or the other." But the unwritten rule is whichever racial trait is more dominate equals the "side" they "belong" on. Also, most mulattos really dislike the word mulatto. Therefore, the terms mixed, or bi-racial are considered more appropriate (despite the inaccuracy of the term, because "mulatto" is the only term used to describe one with a black and white parent). They also hate the term gray, (which is also more accurate).

- - - - - - - - - -

Best known features of Mulattos include:

a) Different colored eyes (grey & green are the most common, but I have seen blue, hazel not that often)

b) "Good" hair (hair that is not stringy like Whites, or nappy like Blacks; long, luxuriously dark, curly hair; this may also include darker, fuller eyebrows & eyelashes)

c) "Better" facial features (the high-cheekbones, "perfect" nose, and fuller lips that are desired by both races)

d) "Perfect" skin (lighter skin is still highly valued in the Black community, and even though most mulattos are only slightly darker than whites, their skin still has the pigment that prevents them from being easily sunburned)

And there you have it. Mulatto people...Just remember that mixed is the more appropriate term...Or bi-racial.

- - - - - -

2) Proof that white women love black men, and white men love black women.
(male parent/female parent)

1) A list of some celebrity mulattos (who have black/white parents only)

Nicole Ari Parker - actress: (50/50)
Vanessa Williams - actress: (mulatto/black)
Alicia Keys - singer: (black/white)
Derek Jeter - baseball: (black/white)
Grant Hill - basketball: (black/mulatto)
Karyn Parsons - actress: (white/black)
Lenny Kravitz - singer: (white/black)
Smokey Robinson - singer: (white/black)
Tahj Mowry - actor/Disney kid: (white/black)
Vin Diesel - actor: (white/black?? but not even HE knows for sure)
Corbin Bleu - Disney kid: (black/white)

2) Also look at TV commercials featuring kids. In commercials featuring Blacks, most of the children are mulattos. In commercials featuring token blacks, the token blacks are mulattos. Especially on the Disney channel.
#mulatto #bi-racial #mixed #gray #grey #bi racial
by PS, I'm Black April 19, 2008
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