1 definition by PRELLO

there are many different types of nuts...theres the noun nut and the action of nutting

Nut can be used in many different ways with pretty much any adjective added on to it...

...i ran up to a girl and told her ima give her that creamy nut

...bitch i got that crusty nut...ya kinda gross but its funny

...stanky nut, sticky nut, raunchy nut, suck on that juicy nut, just use your imagination

...i put that nut in her ass and she yelled for more, so i put in both in, then nutted on her back, put a paper towel on that and made her fly around the room...i supermaned that nut

well u can use your imagination for the rest

but today i was at lunch with my boys casey, trav and taylor and we were talking about just the usual random shit and brought up a girl, and i said...i told that bitch that ima give her that creampie nut in the eye...we basically all died laughing, we all have our nut moments, and soon you'll have your nut moments but come up with your own and just think what other kind of nuts there could be? hmmm? see your thinkin of some already, thats a good nut

o btdubbs a nut doesnt gotta be, well, a nut nut it can pretty much mean anything...but no one'll think that hard after u say it and everyones laughing

well, go on young sky walker and spread the world of your nut
by PRELLO September 17, 2008

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