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The meanest man on the face of the Earth. He is the owner and head chef of Hell's Kitchen. While he is mean, he also funny. He strictly criticizes his hell's kitchen chefs meals. He is amazing.
Chef: Sorry chef, i pulled it out of my ass.
Chef Ramsey: Well put it back in there, cuz that sucked.
by PRAZO50 February 02, 2009
An extremely deformed penis, having gross pubic greasy hairs, liverspots, and very saggy testicles. Occasionally smells like sweaty man.
He looked pretty hot at first, but when i pulled it out of his pants, it was revealed that he had a cow dong.
by PRAZO50 January 20, 2009
when a man wakes up hungover and looks at his wiener, and sees a red ring around it. This ring is actually the red lipstick that the woman blowing him off last night was wearing.
i looked at my wiener and saw the Ringworm Illusion, and almost passed out.
by PRAZO50 January 20, 2009
The sexual fetish of cutting off your or her pubic hairs, putting them on one of her nipples, then ejaculating on it. Then the woman eats it off her own nipples.
My girlfriend has a stomachache today, because last night i gave her an Armenian Salad.
by PRAZO50 October 30, 2008

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