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The Park Place Crew refers to the group of gentlement who live in the Cinnaminson neighborhood of Park Place. The "PPC" has existed for many years but was offically established in August 2005. Since that time, the PPC has grown into the most feared crew in Cinn City history. Known for its brother-hood and comradory, thousands world-wide align themselves with the PPC. However since it's inception, it has been impossible to offically join the eight person crew, consisiting of the six original members plus two associate members. They can be seen wearing baby blue and providing numerous services to the community.
"I fucked with The Park Place Crew and got my window punched out" - random short kid

"PPC made me cry" - some bitch

"Dude, I wouldn't go down to Acadia and Yellowstone without a knife" - a really smart fellow

"I wish i was invited to the annual HURRICANE"- everyone in Cinnaminson
by PPC spokesperson August 24, 2006

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