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HTML code for a heart
I &lt;3 music
I &lt;3 my bff
I &lt;3 lots of other crap
by POQbum February 22, 2009
Combination of Conservative and Retarded, not often used because of the childish nature of the word.

This is also the flip side of libtard, which many consevatives believe is a witty insult to liberals.

"Conservatard" is most commonly used when conservatives dismiss facts, research, data, footage, and actual occurrences and instead repeat false accusations or meaningless facts loudly and repetitively so they either don't have to actually debate, don't have to do any research, or don't have to admit or realize they are wrong. Of course if they did any of these things problems could actually be solved, but they don't.

It can be frustrating debating with one of them because the debate doesn't go anywhere. They are not willing to further discussion to resolve issues, they are only concerned to shout their own bias and whatever useless facts or information they can find to support their bias they will use.

Fox news does a great job herding all these sheep.
"This conservatard won't look up tax rates from the Bush-era and how it directly drove 90% of the population wealth down and 10% wealth skyrocketing, all he keeps saying is how Obama is a Nazi.

He doesn't know any of the policies that have been passed or what is actually being changed in our government by the party he is defending. It's just so hopeless having a discussion with this person. I think I'll have a cookie and stop talking to him. Cookies are delicious anyway, screw him."
by poqbum October 28, 2011
The improper way of spelling goddamn, which is slang for god damn.
A: this is so uncool, goddam!
B: umm, did god build a beaver dam or something?
A: no, I mean the word.. dam! you know
B: you're spelling it wrong!
by POQbum May 14, 2012
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