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to fart or pass gas
hoo, who went fut?
by POHA April 21, 2003
Another name for joint, blunt, spliff, etc., ...

Related to buddhism where incense would be burned to give praise to the ancestors. During herbal meditation, the body is the temple, and lighting a spliff is incense for the soul, centering your body and bringing yourself closer to Jah.
Dude, this is not a death stick, it is incense for the soul!
by Poha April 17, 2003
Word used in reference to smoking marijuana. Used in social situations where other words such as burning are inappropriate.

It's is rooted in Buddhism, with reference to the 'Fat Buddha.' When one is smoking the fat buddha, he is praying, or getting high.
Do you want to pray behind the building?
by Poha April 17, 2003
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