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7 definitions by PO

1. Arguably the best pure shooter in the world

2. Most hated Dukie since Christian Laettner
Did you see Redick against Texas? He couldn't miss.
by Po May 14, 2006
44 30
see twat
p. miller is a wazok
by po November 10, 2003
22 8
Fudwipe- as in total fudwipe. Like an asswipe bud a fud wipe
by Po March 25, 2003
0 0
One on one time with another person to discuss or reflect upon something
Before the big game, head coach had some face time with the starting players.
by Po June 29, 2003
3 16
abbr. for photovoltaic, device that generates electricity from light. A form of clean and sustainable energy.
pv cell, pv module, pv system
by Po March 17, 2005
49 70
Growing Rolf Harris like hair, beard and sideburns. Playing strange instruments and partaking in Felching.
I was rolfing around at the weekend.
by PO July 07, 2003
12 54