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The name given to celebrate August 25th, a day used to celebrate universal birthdays. On this day every person can say, hi my name is (blank) and today is my birthday! On this day gifts should be exchanged freely and in abundance. This celebration only applies to people who DO NOT fit the following criteria: were physically and naturally born on August 25th, have the first name Neil or Protip, spew hagu all day long. If any of the aforementioned describe an individual he/she is exempt from celebrating this holiday.
My real birthday was in January but my Guburfday is coming up at the end of the summer!
Happy Guburfday! I see today is August 25th.
by PNGuha August 10, 2008
An undesirable street urchin raised in captivity with tough love and daily servings of hagu. This beast is a form of Indian demon and should be approached with great caution. A distinctive quality of a Guha is his obvious alcoholism and his blatant disregard to social rules and expectations.
Neil is so uncivilized, the people at that restaurant were terrified to sit near him. He's a real Guha.
by PNGuha August 10, 2008

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