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An affliction that affects many 18-24 males after drinking beer, but also other types of alcohol. The final effect is bringing home a girl that is so ugly in the morning you have no choice but to throw her out the window to avoid the shame of having your roommates see her in the morning.
dude, i had really thick beer goggles on last night.
#fat chicks #fat chick #ugly girls #beer #alcohol
by PK811 August 05, 2006
A girl who, from far away, looks like a knockout. Upon closer examination, her face is in actuality so heinous that even if her body is bangin, it cannot overcome this massive deficiency.
Many Eastern European girls are butter faces.
#ugly #girls #face #body #fuck
by PK811 August 05, 2006
A big tract of suburban h*ll east of NYC. Known for its abundance of guido f*ggots who invade Manhattan on the weekends and turn formerly hot clubs like Marquee and Lotus into B&T wastelands. People who live in "the City" (i.e. Manhattan, not Brooklyn/Queens, etc.) look down on people from Long Island as uncultured suburban tools that dilute Manhattan nightlife or pretty much anything else they manage to get their hair-gel stained, grubby hands on. Long Islanders wish they could live in Manhattan, but can't afford it so they pretend they hate Manhattan and have a lot of "Long Island Pride".
A bunch of guido douchebags from Long Island sporting blowout haircuts, XS Armani Exchange t-shirts, thick gold chains, and ugly-ass jeans from American Eagle stroll up to Cain/Pink Elephant, etc. The bouncer takes one look and announces to them that the club will be full for the next 2 years.

Me: How the f*ck did the B&Ters from Long Island find out about Cain? It's only been 1 month! Better start spreading the word that the Long Island plague is on its way...

#b&t #guido #manhattan #douchebags #new york
by PK811 July 16, 2006
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