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(Noun) A combination of mayonnaise and mustard mixed to a lovely and creamy consistency. Rather delicious on sandwiches and scruptious as a dip.
I made a glorious sandwich with turkey, smoked provalone, oval shaped dill pickles and a dollup of mayotard.
by PJeigh August 25, 2005
(Noun) A direct competitor to mayotard.
I enjoy mayotard, but mustardayonaise is much more tasty.
by PJeigh August 25, 2005
N. The yearly anniversary of when you were canned (a.k.a. let go, downsized, considered redundant).
Alternate use: canniversary
I've decided to throw a Cannediversary Party to celebrate the day I was tossed out of that corporate Hellhole. All the ladies will wear pink slips, we'll serve canned foods, downsized items like mini weenies, have a bonfired and end it by letting some firedworks go off.
by PJeigh April 30, 2007
Variation 1: When a male's private part is so long or the shorts (and underwear) are so short, that the male private part dips below the bottom of underwear and is visible below the bottom hem.

Variation 2: When a man's private parts are so long that they dip into the water in a urinal.
Var 1: "Dude, you need longer shorts. You're weighing anchor."

Var 2: "Man, I hate when I weigh anchor. That urinal water is disgusting."
by PJeigh June 17, 2011
1. (noun) A strange, goofy or silly person.
2. (noun) A lighthearted term of affection that sounds insulting, but really is not.
You're not supposed to eat the seeds of watermellon, you goonerhead!
by PJeigh September 01, 2005
noun. Short for "nuckle tattoos," or small tattoos that appear across the knuckles. Usually a series of small tattoos near a person's nuckles that when put together (ie. a fist is made and two hands are placed next to each other) form a complete message. Typically one letter on each finger and not the thumbs.
That nerd tried to be all cool with his lame "DONTPANC" knucktat. He should have gone for something better, like "SAND" on right hand and "WICH" on left hand. You know, as in a knuckle sandwich.
by PJeigh February 08, 2006
Slang for vagina; alt. "old gina"
It was about time she introduced me tt her Aunt Gina.
by PJeigh March 24, 2004

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