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The City of Cambridge, England
'Yes bruv, you comin dahn cambizzle ways for my b-day tonight?'
by PJ_Bukem August 31, 2006
1. Derogatory term for a homosexual.
2. A word to describe bad luck in something.

'You really are a proper batsteins aren't you?'

'Jimmy cursed 'batsteins!' when he hit his toe on the table leg.'
by PJ_Bukem September 01, 2006
A term used to describe a funny noise like in an old Batman cartoon, for instance the amusing sneeze of an unwell colleague at work.

'Little Sarah was so unwell she unleashed an enormous bizzlepow into the room, disgusting everyone.'

'I thought you made that bizzlepow just then, but it was the chair creaking!'
by PJ_Bukem September 05, 2006

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