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3 definitions by PJJ

An expression used when you want someone to get something done quickly.
person 1-Hey bro, did you finish washing my car?
person 2-No because I was going to wait till it cooled off outside.
person 1- Well hop to it, I got a date in about an hour.
by PJJ August 10, 2007
When someone marrys another person who is worse looking or has less money than them.
I feel so bad for flora, she is so much cuter than her husband.
Why did she marry down?
by PJJ August 10, 2007
slacker husband
A worthless loser who sponges off of his wife.
I feel so bad for her because her slusband sits around smoking weed and playing ps2 all day.
by PJJ August 10, 2007