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A man who shoobities the floobity dooblities while flibbitying the zoppity boppities.
Bill Cosby is the man.
by PJ Queen April 22, 2012
The term for what a mother does when she wants an abortion but keeps procrastinating on it. She either keeps pushing it back until the baby is born, and it is too late, or have the abortion much later than she is supposed to.
Mom: Nina, please stop procrastaborting! You have to get rid of this baby before high school starts!

Nina: Maybe later. I'm way too tired.

Mom: Oh, you and your procrastabortion.


6 months later, Nina's baby is born.
by PJ Queen August 15, 2009
Much like Bieber Fever, this nasty disease is a term to describe the new sensation created by 13-year YouTube phenomenom, Rebecca Black and her hit single, "Friday". How such an utterly untalented little shithead like Rebecca Black can get a record deal is beyond me, but I suppose if Justin Bieber can get famous, then so can she.
Rebecca Black fan: Screw Bieber Fever, I've got the Black Plague!
by PJ Queen March 17, 2011
A nickname for a lesbian person. Usually a very complicated one with delicate layers of emotion. Or one of the stripper variety who wears many clothes. Hence, the term, "many layers". Or... also one of the bitch variety. If you mess with a lesbionion, they will make you cry, but most likely strip off their delicate layers.
ex. You are such a lesbionion!
by PJ Queen May 12, 2009
The term for when a guy jizzes so hard, the girl or homosexual lover is absolutely covered in it. A combination of the words "baptism" and "jism"
At Christian school, Sally managed to receive a bapjism from a fellow student.
by PJ Queen August 15, 2009
A person, usually one of the female variety, who comes off as a major slut at a prom party by either:

1) Wearing a very skimpy, inappropriate dress
2) Dancing in a very sexual manner with partner
3) Stealing other partners
4) Fucking around during prom, or
5) All of the above.
Girl: Oh my god, look at that girl, she is dressed like a total promstitute.

Boy: Oh dude, did you totally see that promstitute dancing in the techno room? I'd totally tap that!
by PJ Queen May 31, 2009

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