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A extremely masculine, bitchy lesbian woman. Think of a bulldog > bullbitch > bulldye.

Known for being more buff than most men and strong disciplinarians.
Rosie O'Donnel is a bulldyke.
by PISKETTI April 30, 2004
The Greatest. Mod. Ever.
Know any half life mods?

by PISKETTI March 30, 2004
Furry-sex obsessed neutrally gendered lump of flesh from england.

has ISP problems and runs forums stuffed with homosexual japenese bearded porn
Turrican e-mailed me some like a tree porn
by PISKETTI December 31, 2003
A derrogatory term for cigarettes. Simie hinting to the reet sound made by piglets.
by PISKETTI March 01, 2004
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