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A word popularised on the messageboards of UK music website Drowned in Sound to describe a post purporting to be from a fan of a band, when in fact it is a friend of the band, or the band themselves, attempting to promote their music.
JAG is a 'DiSism'.
'that was a blatant JAG'
'Stop JAG-ing about Craine'
by PINGU THE GREAT June 18, 2008
A messageboard thread in which a band's fans invade a messageboard in an attempt to defend their band from criticism poured on it by other users of the website.
Originates from a 'Craine' posting on Drowned in Sound website.
The 'Craine Train' has led to other phrases being made involving rhyming band names with methods of transport eg. 'We Could Be Giants Robin Reliants' or the 'urbnri Hyundai'.
'This is such a Craine Train'
'Remember the Craine Train?'
by PINGU THE GREAT June 18, 2008
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