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Baltimore has their own music, style, and dialect. Baltimore is a totally separate place from the rest of Maryland.

Baltimore is where bamma's live.

Only in Baltimore will you see someone where nike boots with shorts. Only in Baltimore will you see someone where a full red sweatsuit with matching red Tim's (Timberland boots), only in Baltimore do people act "extra" (too much).

Unfortunately, Baltimore is also home to club music ("Peanut Butter Jelly! Peanut Butter Jelly!!" "Ham and cheese!.... Ham and cheese!!") <--- Terrible.

Unfortunately, Baltimore people where closes 3 sizes too big. Why does your white tee look like a skirt, and your shorts (when visible from beneath your skirt) look like pants or too-big capris??

I didn't even mention the murder rate and AIDs rate in the city yet.

Never EVER affiliate Baltimore with the rest of Maryland. Prince George's County is in MD, Montgomery County is in MD, but Baltimore...? That's not a part of these continental United States.
Foreigner: Hey, you here that!? ("If it's your birthday make some noise!! If it's your birthday make some noise!!!")
Foreigner: That's that Maryland music!!
PG Native: Nah, that's that Baltimore music. Get it right!

PG#1: What a bum... Check out the new guy coming this way...
B-More Bamma: Hey son, what's really good?
PG#2: You from Baltimore?
B-More Bamma: Yah son!
Everyone: Ohh........ (All walk away)
by PG County is King January 26, 2007

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