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The act of sliding the index finger into the vagina & the thumb into the anus of a woman on all fours, preferably lubed & naked.
Also not a direct member of one's own family.
Term used in Boston ,Mass,USA.By a guy called CHARLIE.
Camilla held back the tears & bit the pillow while Charles slipped her the u-bolt.
Little did she know that not only must she suffer this indignity at the hands of H.R.H. but he would also leave her bearing the mark of shame,a dirty sanchez.
by PEET February 28, 2004
noun. Placement of a hairy nutsack beneath the nose and above the upper lip of a person administering oral gratification to a male.
My upperlip would be freezing if it weren't for this fur nut mustache.
by Peet March 22, 2004
An unkempt & particularly stank vag.
Commonly found on beduff women in the english heartlands.
Please tell me you didn't go down on that girl ,she's got a minge like a rooks nest.
by PEET February 28, 2004
i kick arse hartlepool metal band

consiting of

hate schmuu
by peet October 19, 2003
Looking like or similar to a spanish tacklebox. But when pertaining to a piece of art, the word becomes "spangtacklesque".
dude, he looks really spangtackly today. he must have done something to his hair.
by peet July 04, 2004
Used when describing something bad.
"My car blew up... doggish." or "You're a doggish c**t!"
by Peet May 27, 2003
a form of two wheeled transport that sounds like a hair dryer, and gets about the same top speed, some have nice body kits though
by peet October 19, 2003
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