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A 2 wheel bicycle, perferably a dark color, no lights and stolen. Typically used to transport DOPE. Rode by a 100 pound tweeker, weighing less than the large backpack he is carrying. With an unlit cigerette in his mouth.
My dope dealer sent me out on a CRACK TAXI aka, stolen bicycle, to deliver a rather large amount of dope.
by PECKER HEAAD March 09, 2008
Some One Who Is On Meath And Is Making On Sense At All. Thay Are Talking RIGHT Out The Side Of their Neck.
My Friends Steph AND LC Say In All ways Speakin Tweekish Making No Sense and Spinning Around Like A Hellacopter Just spun TO The Hub.
by PECKER HEAAD March 09, 2008
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