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A douchebag who compensates for their insecurities. Usually they say they "have" or actually do "have," a lifted truck, skins, ed hardy, hollister, american eagle, or tapout apparel, shitty rap rock music i.e. kottonmouth kings, hollywood undead, disturbed etc...shitty beer like keystoned light, beer pong parties, supposed motocross or other "extreme" sports affiliation, more clothes than a woman, stupid tattoos that consist of name brands of variety or cliche tribal tattoos, a fauxhawk, shaved, or spiked hair, sometimes diamond ear rings, etc... they and gweedos are pretty much the same thing which = douchebags. They also, majority of the time hook up with easy, usually fat and/or trashy girls who are just looking for someone to show them affection. unfortunately, being a "bro" is another retarded trend that has plagued the earth, just like the whole "scene" and "emo" trend did.
"hey bro are we playing beer pong tonight? I might be a little late because i'm shining my dirt bike helmet and my ed hardy shirt needs to be washed. you should totally see the new mud flaps I got on my truck bro!"

"Even though that bro has a decent "girlfriend" somehow, he would rather hang out with all of his other "bro" friends and watch dirtbike videos or do some other douchebag nonsense, instead of hanging out with his girlfriend. He is a big ol' gay since he likes surrounding himself with a bunch of dudes all of the time, and not his girlfriend.
by PECKER GOBLIN January 15, 2010

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