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A person who has the most amazing soul and she has fallen deep in love with him, only for it to grow more and more. he is the most wonderful person with a generous heart and a magical touch which will soothes her heart. he's the reason for her to open her eyes and the reason she is choses not to. In her eyes he is the most unbelievable person, caring, understanding, and generous. He is the most stunning person she has seen, with everything a angel exhibits. He's charming, sensitive and a wonderful advisor who has a gift for curing the one of the most deadliest diseases, fear. he cure fear with his love and replaces it with strength and courage. he is her sunrise and sunset. He's the love that she breathes.
Some may say love is dream, but love is is a dream living in reality... her dream is William J.
by PDque June 07, 2010

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