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The act of blowing your load on a girls face and before she can wipe it off you throw glitter all over your warm baby gravy. It dries and it reminds you of art class in kindergarten.
Hey James, I tried that sparkle shot idea of yours last night. The first part was easy, I painted that bitches face white, but then I sneezed when throwing the glitter and got it on the dog. I then chased the dog and tried a reverse sparkle shot (i.e. glitter first) but got tired and donkey punched the girlfriend before my wife got home.
by PDRR October 04, 2011
This is a form of the Sparkle Shot but with 1 slight difference.

After you blow your load on a girl's face, you throw red, white and blue glitter on the slowly cooling and hardening baby batter.
Hey James, I tried that Sparkle Shot last night and ended up a Star Spangled Banner. I am doing this kindergarten teacher in her classroom right, I get up explode on her face and then tripped fell back onto a small table with red, white and blue glitter on it--it flew through the air and hit her face. She looked so beautiful! I immediately saluted her (being a former marine and all).
by PDRR October 05, 2011
This is an acronym for Eat A Bag of Baby Dicks.

Made popular by Animated TV Series Boondocks. It is also a higher level of EAD. The whole Bag and Baby aspect not only confuses one but it also makes a statement because the current price of a Bag of Baby Dicks has gone down with this struggling economy.
I was driving to work this morning and a car cut me off. I pulled up next to the guy, he told em to fuck off. I told him to EABBD. he looked confused, took out his phone and went to Urban Dictionary online. Found the definition, then crashed his car. he should not have been driving and using his phone. Unreal!
by PDRR October 25, 2012

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