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Japenese pronuciation of 'N I G G E R.'
Oh, whats up my NEEEEEEGA
by PBR June 08, 2004
Semi-colon and close parenthesis.
In the land of might and magic, there lived 4 hobbits:.....;)
by PBR June 08, 2004
Our poor dog that is neglected
Dog man... no, we're not taking you out... go shit in Rodney's room.
by PBR June 08, 2004
this is spam backwards
ps. I just don't plain like
by PBR June 08, 2004
Swastika made up of Nike (r) swooshes (tm).
Man, you got mad spring wit dem kicks u be wear in nika.
by PBR June 08, 2004
Aka: Yoy

The proper pronuciation of a retarded kid being happy.

Founded in Denton, Texas 2004
Mommy: "Timmy, you almost got it in the toilet that time."
Bob: "YARRYY!!!"
Timmy: "Who the fuck is this retard?"
*Bob thrashs around violently*
by PBR June 08, 2004
The best band in the entire world.
Scarline is the best band in the world.
by PBR June 08, 2004

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