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World of warcraft is a video game for people with no skill in real life and no skill at all in anything actually. The game producer Blizzard is very smart and made the game extremely addictive for some idiots in a such way that they made it so you have to play about 1000 hours to start feeling somewhat strong in the game. People in the game are extremely gay. Whatever you dare tell them, they will report you and you will get banned for 3 days. (you pay per month to play so its really stupid)

Some players form guilds so they can go in really hard dungeons where there are monsters that can only be killed with a group of about 40 players. They make you believe that you are gonna gain something from helping them kill these monsters but in fact the guild master and their friends get all the money and the weapon and everything you actually get from killing those monsters so its really just a waste of time.
<Lurkerstella> I own you noob.
<Rawrer> reported.
(30 mins later)
<GM supergayfag> Hello Lurkerstella, you have been found violating the terms of agreement of world of warcraft. You will now be banned for 72 hours.


by PAtrick gueri November 17, 2006

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