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The state of being "invisible" to other people on your Instant Message ( IM ) service.

Logging on to an Instant Message ( IM ) service as "invisible to everyone".
" Sorry you weren't able to see me online, I don't feel like chatting to anyone, so I'm IMvisible. "
To accelerate one's drinking time by placing half of a room temperature 6-pack of beer into the freezer, and the other half into the refridgerator.

This enables the three refridgerated beers to reach a suffieciently enjoyable cold state by the time the first three have been chilled and drunk.
Give me your warm beer and I'll hook you up with a threezer.
A meal consisting solely of leftover Mexican food.
Esteban made way too many Tamales and burritos for dinner last night so for lunch we're having Mexagain.
To have all of one's time consumed by schoolwork, as per an assignment-filled syllabus.
I'd love to go to the park with you this weekend but I'm taking 18 credits at school this semester so I'm syllabusy.
A Blog Network, featuring multiple blogs offering categorized information on a common subject or theme.
I need you to get online and find a blork that will give us the widest and most objective info and public feedback on all the different features of this year's new cars.

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