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for somebody to eat frogs
Paul went doen to the pond and kermathewing.
by PAK! June 14, 2008
the first 5 letters of brothers and sisters of the basement playing Guitar Hero 3. they rocked hard. :) they cannot be separated nor broken apart. they are brothers 'til the end of time, together or not you're always in my heart! - the bird man from american idol
--these are the first letters of the famous 5
"wow! it's the amazing KAAAGM rockin' hard on guitar hero 3!"
by PAK! June 14, 2008
super california frangalico realistic explosion docious (as in a dose)
"Wow. Look over there. That boy is Supercalifragalisticexpaladocious!! He's hott!"
by PAK! July 12, 2008
to act in a cool / rad / hip manner
"Wow, Pat, you are acting very shiggy tonight."
by PAK! June 14, 2008

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