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1. A teacher that has no idea of his surroundings, is oblivious to any trouble, and when he does have control of the class, he'll tell some fictional stories. Most likely to be about rabbits in cornfields.

2. Someone who is a smartie addict

Teacher: And the farmer said to the rabbit, No way José!

Student 1: He's told us this story countless times!

Student 2: Let him off, i mean, he is a largay...

Guy 1: Dude, pass me them smarties

Guy 2: Mate, you've had 7 bags full, stop being a freakin' largay and leave me be!
by P901 October 21, 2010
A cry used when your foreskin isn't protecting your bell-end, and something comes incontact with it, such as walking into a table.

Since the nerves from your bell are extra-sensitve, it tends to hurt.

Pete: What happened man?!

Phil: My foreskin is in pain from walking into that lampost! Oh gawd that hurt...
by P901 October 24, 2010

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