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2 definitions by P8NTbal ESF

A bullet with a hollow inside and serated tip that, upon impact with a viable target, gets twisted inside out, forming a very large mushroom shape, thus increasing the caliber of the bullet dramatically. This results in either a HUGE exit wound, or it stays in the body, causing certain death. Very expensive. 25 bucks for a box of 20 rounds. Really good for self defense though. Really good if you intend to put someone down with only one shot.
Why do i need to put this word in a sentence?
by P8NTbal ESF June 23, 2003
A game that brain washes kids into emptying their pockets. Evil in its purest form. Hmm, I wonder why people want pokemon so bad? Maybe those creatures make good anal sex. The japs are laughing at you all.
*Be advised squad, we're on the lookout for a 15 yr. old male who is still obsessed, eliminate quickly and silently* So, your 15 yrs old, and your still playing a game designed to target 8 yr olds. Sad, so sad. Seems like we might have to put this one down. BOOOOM! Oh well, one less possessed demon pokemon lover. I love this job.
by P8NTbal ESF June 23, 2003