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1 definition by P4RK13 JNR

Verb - to do a Dallas.

Achievable by hitting new heights in online gaming sucking.
Prime examples of this status are:

Completing Fifa (impossible).
Completing Forza 3 with two achievements.
Scoring 0 - 22 on Call of Duty!

Can also be obtained by any other useless and terrible acts of Online Gaming.

One step further than the embarrassment of doughnut'ing

Invented when our good friend John achieved the all of the above and possibly more!
Euan - 'I just got 0 - 39 on Halo Reach'!
Jones - 'I got 18 assists'
Ian - 'Dam you guys are doing a Dallas'
John - 'F*ck Yous!'
by P4RK13 JNR January 31, 2011