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The effect left on a toilet bowl after having a runny shit in it.
Small specs of shit are left all over the rear of the toilet. Some will disappear when the toilet is flushed, the more stubborn ones will stay on the porcelain as of course will all those specs that you've managed to splatter around the top rim above the flushing jets.
An extreme example of a good pebbledashing is when the brown specs fly under the toilet seat. This looks spectacular as the underside of the seat and the top section of the rear of the lavvy can also be splattered.
I find sitting as far back as possible on the seat&leaning forward helps blast it down the back of the bowl&all over the rim.
Chambermaids in hotels find the practice of "pebbledashing" quite disgusting. On more than one occassion I have heard them say the words "dirty bastard" as they have gone into the ensuite bathroom and seen the state I have left the lavvy in after my morning crap
by P38813D45H September 03, 2008

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