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A date who, when taken to a restaurant, eats everything in sight and sacks you with a bill so huge you need a loan to pay it off

A really expensive date that empties your wallet and leaves it very angry
"So, how'd your date go?"

"Horrible! That chick was an Angry Wallet Date! I'm in debt now!"
by P.k. 7676 April 19, 2010
An acronym with many meanings, most of which are really inappropriate. Some are:

Penis King

Porn King

Pussy Kicker

Party King

Pervy Kid
(Party King)
Whoa, man look at that P.k. go! He can really put 'em away!

(Pussy Kicker)
Run, everyone! It's the P.k. and he's got steel-toed boots!!!
by P.k. 7676 April 20, 2010

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