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military phonetics for wtf aka what the fuck
person one - "wow did he really just spell liked as like't?"

person two - "whiskey tango foxtrot he must be a real pugnant bro."
by P.V. treat 928 March 17, 2010
a terrible predicament that is so bad that there is no positive way out.
"how in the hell did we get lost in the middle of the desert naked with no water and having to listen to justin bieber for 4 hours straight?"

"I don't know this is some shitty ass shit."
by P.V. treat 928 March 18, 2010
perhaps nobody will ever know the true intent of these words for they were unsuccesful, but from what I understand, it was a pick up attempt conducted by an ASU frat guy in one of the houses on Pacific Beach to some random girl walking by.
ASU kid - "Hey Baby spring break naw I'm sayin"
Random girl - "get away from me you're gross."
by P.V. treat 928 March 17, 2010
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