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1 definition by P.T

A series of introductory classical Latin textbooks for middle or high school level. Features humorous (whether intentionally or not) readings about the adventures of the family of Gaius Cornelius, a Roman senator, at the beginning of the first century A.D. Other characters include: Aurelia, Cornelius's wife; Marcus and Cornelia, their son and daughter; Sextus, a troublesome boy who is living with the family; Davus, the overseer of the family's country estate; Flavia, Cornelia's best friend; Eucleides the Greek tutor; Geta, a runaway slave; Valerius, Cornelia's husband 15 years her senior, and Uncle Titus, the worst arbiter bibendi of all time.

Literally translated, "Ecce Romani" means, "Look! Romans!"
"Where'd you get those Latin skills?"
"Ecce Romani, word!"

"Oh, man! Our carriage has been stuck in a ditch for nine days! This is an Ecce Romani-esque scenario."

by p.t February 06, 2006
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