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the icp is the definition of Wicked. You cant possibly see shaggy 2 Dope or Violent J without saying damn those guyz are wicked because they are. The insane clown posse is in fact detroit based and they arn't wiggers they do this shit for real. Before it was the Insane Clown Posse it was the South West Clique in Detroit, they had their shit bumping the underground, but because of their fuck you mentality they dont get the credit they deserve. Eminem is a good artist but he bends to the standards, the ICP have been saying what ever the fuck they want when they want and never have they stopped. The Hatchet will always run beneath the streets and the Wicked Clownz wont ever die!!! thats for real, so if you think they are wiggers step back and look at eminem hes the real wigger in the biz it aint the ICP!! icp is a band that deserves respect.
icp are wicked.
A poem by Shaggy 2 Dope: A beauitiful Butterfly landed just a smidgen from my eye and i said to my little Friend GET THE FUCK OFF ME BUG!!!!!!!!!!!
Im Chillen Im illin wit my Gutz all over the Ceiling!!
by P.J. The Wiked NiNjA July 31, 2006

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