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To take a dump. A shit, if you will.
P.J.: "Be right back guys! I'll be Staining the Porcelain for a few minutes!"
by P.J. Hutch March 08, 2008
To get out of your mind drunk.

Drunk as Fuck.
P.J.: Yo Bergman, what are your plans tonight?
Bergman: To get D as F after writing my exam. You?
by P.J. Hutch March 21, 2008
The act of going to a night club or busy bar and scoping out your prey in the shadows. Then, when they least expect it -or when they are at their highest point of intoxication-, you swoop in and get really fashion friendly. Usually the natural habitat of a lurker is around the dancefloor.
Pitman: What is Bean doing over there in the shadows?
Hunter: Looks like he is lurking again.
Ham: He is scoping out prey to be his next victim...lurking is an artform.
by P.J. Hutch October 25, 2009
To be well versed in the art of finger banging. Finger fucking, if you will.
Christina: Wow Bean, you are really great at fingering.
Bean: Turn around and let me put it in your butt. They call me the master blaster in certain circles.
by P.J. Hutch October 25, 2009
The act of getting close with someone -romantically-, you may or may not have just met. More so used when you are just starting to get more intimate with a girl or guy.
Klein: Look at Hutch over there. Starting to get really up close and personal with this chick.
Pitman: Yeah. He is really getting fashion friendly with that broad.
by P.J. Hutch November 01, 2009
Synonymous for "cock"
Suck my hoss, bitch.
by P.J. Hutch March 30, 2011
BCI an acronym for Butt Cheek Intercourse is the act of having sex with a girls or guys depending on your style; yuck ass cheeks. Like a titty bang, except with the butt cheeks.
PJ: Erin has got a nice big ass.
Bergman: Yeah, wouldn't mind performing some BCI on those sweet mommas.
by P.J. Hutch April 24, 2008
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