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4 definitions by P.J. Findley

A man in constant need of nurturing and attention. The manbaby thinks his problems are fascinating and far more important and tragic than anyone else's. He cannot handle rejection in any form and will lament every breakup he has had throughout his lifetime, and cry over how he was mistreated by women decades in the past.
Susan: Why is Peter crying?

Elaine: He was just telling us about a girl he took out once in 1987 who didn't like him that much.

Susan: OMG!!! What a fecking manbaby!
by P.J. Findley July 26, 2011
relentless sleeping because your life sucks and you can't avoid your problems any other way.
Exema was so distraught over her breakup and the impending cancellation of her premium cable subscription, she fell into dauerschlaf.
by P.J. Findley July 25, 2011
A needy, attention-seeking man who focuses on and worries about himself, particularly his own health and medical issues, which he will discuss ad nauseam with anyone who will listen. He will undoubtedly include TMI in his Facebook status updates on a regular basis.
Jane: Are you going out with Mark tonight?

Tori: No, I discovered he's a huge mangranny!!! Last night he freaked out just because his heart rate increased when he walked up a flight of stairs.

by P.J. Findley July 25, 2011
An unforgettable woman. A woman with a shape so in shape, no man can escape her shapely charm. A woman who drinks Tab. A woman who is the object of obsession.
Tom thought he would be able to forget Amorphia and move on with his life; but, because she was a mindsticker, he had no choice but to throw himself off a building.
by P.J. Findley July 26, 2011