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Looking stupid or dumb. From The Ween Song, Waving My Dick in the Wind
"So I just sat there in the horse costume waving my dick in the wind"

"Look at Tim, he's waving his dick in the wind"
by P.I. Staker August 01, 2007
A hymen thats been blown away by a gigantic cock, often resulting in the unification of the two primary orifi (plural: orifice) into a vaganus.
1) The hunt for Red October led Sean Connery's team into the depths of Katherine Kuhlmans unchatered poes. After the submarine passed through her heavenly gates she was left with a terribly messy parous introitus, later spiritually healed.

2) I have SUCH a huge parous introitus, I can fuck a donkey sideways.
by P.I. Staker January 07, 2008
A sharp lateral flexure of the rectum formed by a transverse fold of the rectum. The chief anatomical purpose is, in homo-anatomy, the grading of penis length.
Jimmy Bean's cock was so huge, it rammed all the way past my third Houston line, rupturing a diverticulum (true acquired) in my sigmoid colon!
by P.I. Staker January 07, 2008
A medical device used to rupture and drain haemorrhoids. Also often used by geriatric homosexual deviants with abovementioned problem in order to enhance ass-fucking pleasure
Oh my God Norman, stick that anal bleeder so deep in my ass that it hits my second Houston line. Shove it in so fast.

Is it in? Fuck yes. Faster, Norman, faster. Deeper! Deeper! Wait! Not so deep! Yes, that's good. Yes. Yes. Yes... I'm coming! YESSSSS!

Let me lick the blood off your wrinkly face. Yes... Suck the bleeder like a lollipop before our grandchildren get home. Yes, Norman! Let me lick it off your hairy chin.

I love you.
by P.I. Staker January 07, 2008
Dubious acronym for "Extra Thick Dick". Its use remains fairly limited, normally used in the cases of colloquial discriptions of congenital elephantitic disorders (hyperpeniplasia).
Shit! That ETD quartered her like a chicken!
by P.I. Staker June 06, 2007
A hymen that is perforated like a knife in butter (or, perhaps more easily understood, the lid of a salt pot) due to repeated attempted penetration by a small chinese penis (not a big, dinosauric, E.T.D american penis). More widly found with china's economic surge
I would never touch Katherine Kuhlman's cribriform hymen with my retarded brothers cock, since its been divided into little pieces by a small pack of determined, underdeveloped chinese men.
by P.I. Staker January 07, 2008

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