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When a guy who is trying to get laid doesn't because another dude says or does something to prevent that from happening. Can also occur between women (also known as twat swatting).
A man's dumbass friend spots him trying to make a move on the hot blonde girl at the bar and decides to be a real dick and cockblock his mate.....

Man: Hey let me buy you drink....
Woman: Yeah sure
Dumbass: Hey man, how's your AIDS? *walks away*
by P. Trotsky January 25, 2011
When one has been writing in cursive handwriting for an excessive amount of time to the point that their hand hurts and they accidentaly add more loops and swirls (usually extra e's and o's) to thier words than necessary.
A: Oh man that essay question was sooo long, I completely cursive spasmed all over it, it's not gonna make any sense!
B: Who the fuck writes in cursive? You're so old english school!
by P. Trotsky January 23, 2011

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