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kockney slang,covers wide range of feelings and emotions in one word,if you don't know, then you don't know likee,basic bristish bla for yea-ERR!,If you ain't from england don't use dar word
You know likee,typical brixton boot boys basic bla-hagg,
by P. Percivle Poo Pants the Turd August 10, 2009
A congregation consisting of any one of the following types of people - Poncy namby pamby rich boys wet pants self-important, prissy up-themselves conceited pink shirt wearing, homophobic , nancy boy, cry baby, arrogant, big-headed, boastful, cocky, egocentric, high-and-mighty, inflated, im so cool, stuck-up, toffee nose tartlets, too too wearing up tight broke back mountain fudge packing, man meat loving, prostate milking brown nosing, look at me, portraying or displaying theatrical or god like presence believing that their own shit doesn’t stink
Hey look at that gathering (Pontourage) of loud mouth hot shit show offs, only thinking about them selves and how important they are. In there imaginary high class status of life

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